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Laboratory Center
In order to enter the ranks of the world's advanced steel joint enterprises at an early date and strive hard.

The equipment and devices include: HORIBA Infrared Carbon Sulphur Analyzer, Hydrogen Analyzer, Oxygen and Nitrogen Analyzer, Scanning Electro Microscope made in Japan, LECO Oxygen and Nitrogen Analyzer and Inductively Coupled Plasma-Atomic Emission Spectrum (ICP) made in USA, High Speed Sample Sawing Line made in Austria, SPECTROLAB, CNC Machining Center for Impact Specimen, Zwick Automatic Electronic Tensile Testing Machines, Impact Testing Machine, Axio Observer, Axio Imager Microscope, and Micro Vikers Hardness Tester made in Germany, etc.

ISO/IEC17025 for Laboratory Accreditation was approved by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment in 2010. Our lab center is well qualified for inspecting and testing samples of imported or exported commodities, carrying out Ultra-Sonic Test according to Standards JB4730, GB/T2970, A435, A578 and EN10160. Chemical and physical analysis and test of all the materials in and out of the company have been conducted to guarantee the real-time control of the technical process and product quality.

Metallographical Microscope, Carl Zeiss
High-Temperature Tensile Tester, ZWICK
Automatic Impact Specimen, ZWICK
Automatic Electronic Tensile Tester, ZWICK
Chemical Analysis Devices
Scanning Electron Microscope, Japan
Computerized Numerical Controlling Lathe
CNC Machining Center for Impact Specimen
Read-Out Spectrograph
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