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In order to enter the ranks of the world's advanced steel joint enterprises at an early date and strive hard.
We are striving, with scientific development as the mainline, management innovation as foundation and circular development as the core, under the slogan proposed by the Corp: “On track in two years, taking off in five years and becoming the world’s leading company in management in ten years”, bearing the goal of “Making our company a professional manufacturer of state of the art wide and heavy plates(wire rods) of the world”, making every effort with pioneering spirit to surpass in the competition of the industry to enter into the ranking of leading iron and steel conglomerate in the world.
In recent years, Chinese enterprises to "go out" to carry out foreign investment cooperation is showing rapid development momentum, Chinese manufacturing industry scale ranks first in the world. "13th Five-Year plan" plan, China will achieve a higher level of openness in the original open, fully accelerate the transformation and upgrading of core manufacturing industry from the "manufacturing" to "create Chinese China". China Machinery Industry Federation executive vice president Song Xiaogang said that China's economic development has entered ...
Xi Jinping: to accelerate the construction of free trade area of the Asia Pacific President Xi Jinping in November 18th at the APEC CEO Summit keynote speech entitled "play the leading role of the Asia Pacific global economic challenges" of the. Xi Jinping said that the global economic growth lower than expected, the potential growth rate of decline in international trade and Investment The world economic downturn, there may be more than one engine and then stall stall. The world economy is to fully to health from sub-health, is likely to exper...
In the "push to build Silk Road Economic Belt and Twenty-one Vision and action in the maritime Silk Road "(hereinafter referred to as the" vision and action ") released after six months, " The Belt and Road Initiative " Strategic progress? Our national development and Reform Commission in Western inspectors, the State Council to promote " The Belt and Road Initiative " Leading Group Office of the European Xiaoli Twenty-one 21st Century Business Herald reporter, two levels of central and local governments are actively promoting the "vision and ...
In August the official and Caixin manufacturing PMI fell below the line ups and downs, think of some of the media and institutions, manufacturing PMI fell mainly affected the parade, disastrous weather and other temporary factors, the trend is still in the expected data. At the same time, the official non manufacturing PMI remained at a relatively high level of 53.4, the new financial China services PMI was 51.3 in the expansion zone, service industry still maintained a steady growth, Chinese stable economic fundamentals have not changed for th...
( One ) The development of iron and steel industry has entered a new norm, will accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the industry. China's economic development has entered a new norm, The iron and steel industry The development has entered a new norm. For a long time the steel industry market competition has a number of expansion and price competition obvious characteristics, in a serious oversupply situation, the expansion of quantity and price competition has become the main means of competition of enterprises, this kind of developm...
Six month Twenty-nine Japan, "the Asian infrastructure investment bank agreement" signing ceremony held in Beijing. With the Asian investment bank to build into the "agreement" ratified and complete a new stage of operational readiness, the industry of " The Belt and Road Initiative " Will bring multiple positive opportunities is expected to increase, generally think that Asian investment bank is a complement to the existing international multilateral financial institutions, will increase " The Belt and Road Initiative "Along the country's inve...
Recently, media reports of China's iron and steel industry restructuring plan has been finalized, is expected to be released in the near future. This year 2 Yuegong Ministry announced that will be formulated and promulgated the "iron and steel industry restructuring and development plan of action", to improve the iron and steel industry development situation. Now, the transformation and development plan will be introduced, will undoubtedly positive domestic The iron and steel industry . In recent years, the domestic economic downturn, Real esta...
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