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In order to enter the ranks of the world's advanced steel joint enterprises at an early date and strive hard.
We are striving, with scientific development as the mainline, management innovation as foundation and circular development as the core, under the slogan proposed by the Corp: “On track in two years, taking off in five years and becoming the world’s leading company in management in ten years”, bearing the goal of “Making our company a professional manufacturer of state of the art wide and heavy plates(wire rods) of the world”, making every effort with pioneering spirit to surpass in the competition of the industry to enter into the ranking of leading iron and steel conglomerate in the world.
Ma Junpeng reports The Spring Festival, this is 10000 reunion, however, thousands of employees of the steel still stick to their posts. The fire flashing steel plate, flow, as they played one after another beautiful Spring Festival overture. During the Spring Festival, I went to second iron plant, steel mill, plate mill, plate factory, power plant, quality inspection department of laboratory And department duty post Such as the interview, moving pictures, could not help but let the rising from a tribute, and use the camera to record a memorabl...
Ma Junpeng photo coverage As the new year begins, a total of Ten thousand steeds gallop. spring, Everything looks fresh and gay.. Twelve month Twenty-eightLater, the new company staff canteen in song and laughter, held by the company "in 2014 the company trade unions, Communist Youth League Celebrating New Year's Day New Year Gala staff "This is held ceremoniously. Party secretary Guo Zhiping, deputy general manager Zhang Yangzhen, vice chairman of the union, the working party and Minister Dong Yuanri, and staff Nine hundred Many people w...
Xiang Yong reports The company organized by the Ministry of trade unions Motor Company general types of skills contest, after fierce competition, ended in late November. The venue is located in the heavy plate plant and sintering plant, a total of three fitter, electrician and welder competition project, more than 30 players from the 8 branch to participate in the final, they are all plants selected from more than 1000 fitter, electrician and welder in, basically represents the comprehensive strength of each branch. The players through the ...
Meng Liying reports The afternoon of November 21st, the company held in room 314 at the party's the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee study the spirit of the forum, party secretary Guo Zhiping attended the meeting and made a speech, 36 staff representatives from each branch of the participated in the discussion. The meeting was chaired by the working party and Minister Dong Yuanri. At the forum, representatives of each party to speak, have the "CPC Central Committee on deepening reform of the overall number of major iss...
Ma Junpeng reported on November 15th at 1:30 in the afternoon, brilliantly illuminated, old people's Hall of music, won applause from time to time, "the most beautiful old people" awards ceremony was held here. From the steel power plant power workshop for young employees Zheng Wei in the cheerful music on the podium, the guests of the old border committee secretary Diao Weimin took over the heavy red certificate, composed of a steel power plant, 50 employees, friends and relatives, witness this exciting moment. Zheng Wei 10 yea...
Ma Junpeng reports To commemorate the People's Republic of China was founded in 64th anniversary by the company, trade unions, party work organized by the "love the motherland and steel" theme essay contest. This essay works competition received nearly 100, after selection, the Ministry of supervision, the poetry of Lv Yong "Ode to the motherland" won the first prize, the power plant of Guo Hongguang's prose "I love" the sewage treatment field in steel plant, the poetry of Lu Peng "I and steel" won the two prize, the quality inspection departme...
Ma Junpeng reported to improve the quality of the steel "today", to meet the majority of photographers desire, the work of trade unions, on the morning of August 31st, in the production department conference room held the first photography training, Yingkou senior photographer Wang Jiancheng photography and basic knowledge of photography do simple and vivid explanation, from various units the correspondent and photographer of more than 60 people participated in the training. Wang Jiancheng served as deputy director of Yingkou TV station and "Y...
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